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Number of Precincts 18  

Precincts Reporting  
Polling 18100.00 %
Vote By Mail, Early, Grace 18100.00 %
Late Vote By Mail, Provisional 18100.00 %

Vote For 1  
Times Counted
 (10,522 total voters)
25.1 %

GARY W. MANIER (REP) 1,67463.31 %
DONALD J. VOLK (REP) 97036.69 %

Results updated at 3/14/2017 3:15:25 PM
**Unofficial Results**

3007 Election Day Ballots cast

0 Election Day Ballots remaining to be counted

43 Early Voting Ballots cast

0 Grace Period at permanent location

35 Election Day Grace Period

0 Early Voting Ballots remaining to be counted

0 Provisional Ballots remaining to be counted or partially counted

101 Vote By Mail Ballots received and counted.

0 received but not yet counted

1 Vote By Mail Ballots received but will not be counted for the following reasons: Returned ballot and requested different party, resident refused to vote ballot or available at nursing home to cast ballot with judges, deceased, surrendered unvoted ballot to judges at polls, no signatures on certification envelope or was not postmarked by midnight election day

28 Vote By Mail Ballots sent but not yet received